Platform to Freedom

Our Product Focus…

MarketsIO is a trailblazing technology company that specializes in delivering risk-free, innovative, and scalable solutions to financial services and other industries. With a focus on transformation, MarketsIO empowers businesses to navigate the expensive legacy challenges of data sourcing and distribution and obtain choice and empowerment through cutting-edge technology and expert insights. We are reshaping and transcending the world of data in financial services through the core principles of freedom and openness. Everyone must be empowered to make their data and technology decisions without legacy constraints, now and in the future. These principles are at the core of absolutely everything we do.

We deliver a modern, no risk path to the future

MarketsIO’s mission is to technologically modernize the world of financial services data. A focus on openness, collaboration and community combined with an emphasis on interfaces and standardization drives a truly next generation offering that is transformational in nature while reducing overall costs and complexities.

Our decades of experience building and using the first three generations of real-time data technology uniquely equips us with insights on how to modernize and fundamentally transform data in financial services to eliminate vendor constraints and empower market participants to be in control of their data futures. Our transformative solutions provide choice without risk.

Concerned about migration? MarketsIO’s platform technology is a drop-in replacement to expensive legacy platforms, eliminating effort and risk. Where change does occur the MarketsIO team has assisted clients to adopt new technology and data sourcing in an efficient and risk-free way. Ask us about our deeply experienced, expert technical services resources that empower you to take control of your data future.

We simplify complexity

Our next generation data technology is the most advanced in the financial services industry. We deliver market-leading solutions to help data originators dynamically go to market and data consumers source the data they need. Our targeted solutions and services are driven by our remarkable people driving innovation at scale.

We provide our clients with end-to-end data technology and services which can be delivered within the hybrid world of on premise, proximity hosting, and the cloud. We enable the world’s biggest financial services organizations to streamline and consolidate market data operations with solutions integrated with front to back data entitlement controls, management, and reporting. Holistic near automated market data operations is the result.

While our current focus is on Financial Services, MarketsIO technology is fit for purpose for multiple industry verticals.

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