EventStream is a fourth-generation data platform. It is the most modern, performant, and easy to use data platform available. EventStream is literally a drop-in replacement to your legacy platform, seamlessly interfacing with existing entitlements software and your applications will not need to recode.

  • Real-Time
  • Time Series
  • Analytics
  • Trading workflows
  • Extensible to non-financial markets services

At a high level, EventStream implements a services-oriented middleware that loosely couples applications together through the standardization of an ecosystem. EventStream enables the communications, control and management associated with both simple and complex workflows.

Platform users seamlessly interact with business related services that are exposed through full featured provider, or simpler publisher, applications. These interactions are fully controlled and facilitated through the open Fusion API suite that drives the standardization and flexibility needed across multiple problem domains.

Our Insights monitoring suite provides key functionality and interfaces with the popular third-party monitoring platforms. MarketsIO’s Autonomy entitlements and administration software provides so much more than traditional data entitlements capabilities and has a rich roadmap of functionality that is soon to be delivered.


Reduced Cost of Ownership
EventStream delivers scale and licensing efficiencies when compared to alternatives, resulting in significant cost reduction.

Future Proof
MarketsIO are independent and client driven, not conflicted with data ownership. EventStream is a modern ground-up product which interoperates with legacy systems and is built for the long term.

EventStream delivers market leading performance in terms of latency, scalability, and ease of use. Deliver data faster with a smaller compute footprint.

Universal Integration
Integrate external and internal data seamlessly across your organization. EventStream handles all data types and quality of service needs.

Deployed or Managed Service Options
EventStream is flexible to meet your workflow needs. Deploy on premise, in a proximity data centre, cloud or a hybrid environment.

Monitoring seamlessly integrates with industry leading solutions. Autonomy integrates with existing data entitlements solutions and provides enhanced functionality with MarketsIO products.