Fusion EventSpy

Fusion EventSpy is a value-add suite of products built upon the easy to use and powerful Fusion API suite. Platform Tools for MarketsIO EventStream and RTDS provides operations and engineering teams with valuable, easy to use, insight to the platform to enable you to extract significantly more value from your platform investment. 

Included within the Fusion EventSpy suite is a Simulator tool that enables feature testing of the platform and is a valuable addition to the community of operators and engineers.

Testing releases consumes significant time and is repeated over and over in each institution which is inefficient. We can help consolidate that effort, saving you time and money, while still ensuring robust testing is conducted. 

If you are in operations, engineering or development stop paying for expensive desktop terminals to see the data you need to do your job!   

Fusion View

Fusion View is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) built utilizing the powerful Fusion API suite and supports all real-time data from EventStream and RTDS platforms.

All data that is on EventStream, RTDS or any application may be viewed without having to pay the very high prices of a professional market data terminal.

Fusion View is built for development, engineering, and operations to display all the information needed to be effective, increase your productivity and cut unnecessary costs.

Fusion View is priced low to provide immediate value for any sized organization.   Fusion View is part of the MarketsIO Fusion value add API suite of capabilities.

Fusion Calc

Easy, cost-efficient, Excel real-time data access to the MarketsIO EventStream platform.

Interoperates with Refinitiv’s Real-Time Distribution System (RTDS) or any other MarketsIO API provider application.

Fusion Calc cuts the cost of over-priced software and reduces the need for expensive terminals. 

Offered at a small fraction of the cost of other Excel Add-Ins, the Fusion Calc is built upon the easy to use and powerful Fusion API Suite. 

Additional transports and platforms are currently being added to provide broader data and platform coverage.

Fusion Tick Tools

Time Series Engine Adapters

Fusion Tick Tools is an adapter to link data platforms to time series engines. Fusion Tick Tools delivers Kx’s kdb+ to RTDS integration and provides significant improvements and performance when compared to other adapters.

MarketsIO works closely with market participants. We understand your workflows and needs.

Multi-Platform support allows you to source data dynamically from multiple platforms with one interface.

Integration is quick and easy with capabilities extending to data publishing, replay and journalling.

Integration to other tick vendors is available. MarketsIO partners with Data Intellect for delivery of Tick Tools.


Improved performance of KX kdb+ data flows.

Unique data burst protection against tick loss.

Entitlements – Control the distribution of your streaming analytics.

Eliminate the risks of using the obsolete SSL4 C Adapter.

Obtain multi-platform support from one adapter.

Consume and publish data dynamically.